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Snap On Smile

What is a Snap On Smile procedure?

Snap-On-Smile is a revolutionary, patented painless way to have the long dreamt Hollywood Celebrity Smile. it is made out of a high-tech ultra dental resin and it is applied over the existing teeth, covering cracks, gaps, stains ( coffee, cigarettes, red wine, antibiotics ) or missing teeth.

How is Snap-On-Smile Different than other dental procedures?

Snap-On-Smile presents the following advantages over traditional partials or dentures:
* No Preparation Needed.
* No Injections.
* No Adhesive.
* No Teeth Alteration.
* Very Affordable Compared to Dentures or Partials.


Is Snap-On-Smile Right For Me?

The patented, life changing, affordable dental procedure is a good fit for most candidates. In order to get the Snap-On-Smile, It requires two short dentist visits with no drilling, no injections and no change in the shape of your teeth. is important to talk to your local dentist to find out if Snap-On-Smile will work for you.

How Strong is Snap-On-Smile?

With Snap-On-Smile you can drink and eat regular food ( chicken bones cracking not advised ) without the worry that it will ever break or come off.

Can I eat or drink wearing the Snap-On-Smile?

Yes, the Snap-On-Smile goes over your existing teeth and they can be used while eating, talking, drinking, for almost every occasion.

How long does Snap-On-Smile last?

The Snap-On-Smile system comes with a one year manufacturing limited warranty and if it is properly cared for it can last from three to five years.

Where Can I Get The Snap-On-Smile Procedure?

The easiest way to find a local Snap-On-Smile Dental Office is by visiting or if the patient is located in Manhattan they can visit the premier Snap-On-Smile location dental provider: